What are

creative elephants?

Géraldine's creative consulting is called CREATIVE ELEPHANTS.  Imagine them as colourful, clever tuskers, who level out the way to your success, following the lead animal, the lead motive, the lead story of your company, aligning all necessary components to put your business model on track. 


Elephants represent wisdom, continuity and togetherness. All these attributes should also be found in your brand strategy. You can book individual consulting elements regarding (re-)branding and positioning or a package including the creation of your story. The process follows the classic Project Canvas Model, but is adaptable due to the complexity of the mission.  


When you decide for the complete package, the whole Story Telling process is included. But what does that actually mean? 

The story makes the difference between a name and a brand. 

You will get many questions: What's your message? Which message, which feelings, which actions do you want to provoke? The story brings your brand to life. Your logo, colors, font and text-/image guidelines are determined thoughout this process and aligned. 



The story is what fascinates, inspires, touches. It links to associations, makes your brand memorable. 

"Stay hungry, stay foolish."

Steve Jobs (US-American entrepreneur and visionary)