"Great minds think alike" is the guiding theme for cooperations with other companies, organizations, trainers and individuals. 

Lighthouse is an excellent Learning & Development provider in the CEE / SEE region with in-house expertise. Lighthouse serves as an end-to-end solutions provider for clients who are looking to design and deliver blended learning programs globally.


Géraldine Förster is one of their trainers and very happy to be working with such a diverse team of experts.

We entertain us is a lifestyle movement aiming to improve life quality. A creative and versatile group of life-embracing individuals is organizing events and workshops, which are fun but also motivating and inspiring. The ultimate goal is to broaden one's horizon, to celebrate life and to have a positive impact on oneself and others. 

Géraldine Förster is an influencer in this network. 

AICR - or Amicale Internationale des Chefs de Réception et Sous Directeurs des Grand Hotels - is a friendly association of Front Office Managers and Deputy Hotel Managers.


Founded in 1964 at the Côte d'Azur it is now represented world-wide. In Vienna Géraldine is part of the Jury at the Austrian Receptionist of the Year Award Competition. The winner then gets the chance to compete on international Level for the famous David Campbell Trophy presented by Gold Key Media.

Become part of the network and benefit from synergies with Géraldine Förster.

Combining strengths does not only improve the outcome, it brings higher value for the clients. 


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